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What Your Gate Contractors Want You to Know

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Blog

No fence can be functional without a gate to let you in and out, so choosing the right gate and the right people to build it is very important. However, while you may already know what qualities to look for in gate contractors before hiring them, you may not know much about the options available to you once it’s time to choose the gate itself. We think some basic guidance may be helpful, so here are a couple of things your gate contractors want you to know:

  • Swinging and sliding gates are great for different reasons. In terms of aesthetics, both swinging and sliding gates are wonderful options, although swinging gates look more traditional. In terms of practicality, the right choice depends on your property. Swinging gates are better for properties with lots of space, and they require less maintenance because you don’t have to clean tracks. Sliding gates are the right choice if your driveway is sloped or compact in a way that would inhibit a gate from swinging open.
  • Automatic gates are the way to go for your driveway. This doesn’t really need to be said because you can already imagine how inconvenient it would be to get out of your car, open or close the gate, get back into your car, drive through, and open or close the gate again. A manual gate is still an option, but you will likely wish you had trusted the advice of your gate contractors and gone with an automatic gate for all the convenience it offers.


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